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Pure Brightness Day

Pure Brightness Day

Pure Brightness Day, one of the 24 Seasonal Division Point, is also an ancient traditional festival in China. It falls in the third lunar month or around April 5th in the solar calendar, when the spring scene is radiant and enchanting and the air is refreshing, hence, its name.

On this day, people have the custom of sweeping the graves for their ancestors, take an outing in the countryside and wear a willow twig on the head. Chinese have the tradition to respect the aged, and cherish the memory of their family will go to the countryside to hold a memorial ceremony at their ancestors' tombs. People get rid of any weeds growing around the tomb, add new earth, burn incene and offer food and paper coins to show their ancestor. This is called "visiting a grave" or "sweep a grave".

At this time, the grass of the countryside is burgeoning, willows along rivers have put forth new buds; it is fresh green every where, a good time for an outing. In ancient times, people used to wear a willow twig in their hair at this time because it was supposed to be able to drive away ghosts and disasters. Thus, people wear willow twigs to pray fro safety and happiness.

Today, great changes have taken place in regard to funerals and interment. Since cremation began to be carried out and burials were abolished, there are less and less graves in the fields. But it remains a custom for Chinese to offer sacrifices to their ancestors and go for a walk in the countryside, remembering their forefathers, breathing the fresh air and appreciating the blue sky, green trees, grass and flowers.

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